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목회학박사 종합시험 일정 안내(Schedule of exam for D. Min Cours

Date : 16-04-20 00:00   /   Hit : 3,957


목회학박사 종합시험일정

Comprehensive Exam for D. Min Course

(2016. 4. 11)




1. 종합시험 일정

1과목 2016512() 13:00~15:00

2과목 2016513() 13:00~15:00

3과목 2016519() 13:00~15:00

4과목 2016520() 13:00~15:00

2. 장소: 본관 1층 멀티미디어 룸 (Multimedia room, 1st floor)


3. 시험작성방법: 컴퓨터 사용, 인터넷 사용 불가, 자료참조 불가

(Students use a computer to make exam papers,

Students cannot bring any documents. No internet.)

4. 시험 작성분량: A4 3page 이상/10point, 160행간

(Fill up the A4 paper, 3 pages per subject. Font size is 10 point. Line spacing is 1.6.)

5. 시험 5분전 입실 완료 (필기도구만 지참)

(You have to enter the room 5 minutes beforehand. Only writing utensils can be brought into the room.)

6. 시험문제에 대한 질문은 미리 교수에게 직접 문의바람.

(If you want to ask about exam question, you need to contact to the professors BEFORE the exam day.



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