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Publication of the collection of manuscripts for the Spring Festival in 2019

Date : 19-04-22 19:06   /   Hit : 3,303


Publication of the collection of manuscripts for the Spring Festival in 2019




Proceedings of the Academic Conference

- Place: Sunhak UP University

- Day: May 22, 2019 (number)

- Place: International Conference Room on the 3rd floor of Sunhak UP University

- Attendees: Students with master's and doctorate courses at this school


(The Ph.D. and M.D. courses are required to be announced at least once in and out of school before graduation for 2018 and the Ph.D. courses for new Ph.D.s under 2017)

Topics of academic conferences 

- The subject of the manuscript: The subject of degree or freedom in the master's or doctorate courses.

- Format of academic agenda: Presentation by session--Comment, general discussion

* Must be an unpublished paper


Tugo form

- amount of manuscript: 8-10 sheets of A4 paper except title/title and reference page

(based on 10pt, line spacing 160)

- How to complete

1) Write using Hangul and Word programs.


2) Attach the title and table of contents to the first chapter.


3) The state shall be marked as footnote and a reference is added to the final chapter of the paper.

Submission deadline: May 14, 2019 (Fahrenheit) strict observance of deadlines

- Presenters can be selected by review after submission

Presentation of scholarship for outstanding papers

- Scholarships are to be awarded for outstanding papers.

Receiving and inquiring

- Assistant Jeong Ha-yeon / Phone (031-589-1500) /

- Office of Education at Sunhak UP University in Gapyeong County, Gyeonggi Province, 324-211

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