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DISSERTATION SCREENING Schedules and submission guide

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Review date of the dissertation and submission of the dissertation

(DISERATION SCREENING Schedules and submission guide)

1. Examination schedule

1) Submit Revisions: May 27, 2019 (Month) to 31st (Friday),


※ For the form of a dissertation, refer to the graduate school home page, the school yard, the form data room, and the instructions for writing the dissertation.


※ After downloading the thesis revision form from the format data room, the master or master shall submit the thesis correction sheet at the time of publication of the revised thesis, and the doctor shall submit the thesis correction sheet at the time of review after the public announcement.


2) Review of the dissertation: June 3 (Monday) to 7 (Friday), and the review is conducted by the examiner

3) Determining the highest level of academic papers and submitting the review report: June 13 (Thursday)


2. Submission of Thesis

1) The submission period for the paper: July 10, 2019 (Wednesday)

2) Introduction to the thesis paper: (This bibliography guide)


*Hard Cover


Master's thesis (Master): Cover color (color, text color: Gold)

Doctor: black, text color: Gold


○○ with (12pt, Dark)

○○ Major (12pt, Dark)

Sunhak UP University (12pt, Dark)



Department of ○○

True Parents Studies (CIG Spirituality Studies)

SunHak Universal Peace Grading University

* Cover

* For detailed form, please refer to Bachelor's Guide on the website, Editorial Guide, and thesis preparation guidelines.

3) Guide to the issue: (Theis bibliography guide)

Need to produce a dissertation through the thesis version site such as

Apply (Submission: 7 parts for submission to the library, personal needs, and teaching certificate authority),

The cost depends on the paper page and number of papers.

4) Theis submission guide

(Location: Library)

B. Submission Period: July 8, 2019 to July 10, 2019 (Wednesday)


Office of Education at Sunhak UP University

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