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Announcement for postponement of 2020-1 semester

Date : 20-02-25 10:51   /   Hit : 3,245


With the worldwide epidemic of Corona19 Virus and the rapid increase of infections in Korea, the government has raised the crisis alert to the highest level. Therefore, for the safety of students and faculty, the school will postpone the opening of semester schedule for 2020 as follows.

- Below-

  1. Opening of semester 2020March 2nd (Mon.), 2020=> March 16th (postponed for two weeks).

-Further notice of the schedule for make-up classes will be given shortly, when determined.


Cancelation of orientation for new students.

Substituted by

-Distribution of booklets for orientation/registration for courses.

- (Video) Introduction to academic affairs or by contact individually.


Registration for courses will proceed by original schedule (Feb. 28th Fri. ~ March 1st Sun.)


Convocation/opening of semester: March 16th (Mon.), further notice will be provided.

-Thorough preventive measures against epidemics in case of holding an event.


Student Administration Office of Sunhak UP Graduate School

For additional questions: 031.589.1500

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