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2019-1 semester, UPA Cadet Program cadet program_2nd special lecture on Friday ( Eiji Tokuno, chairman of the FFWPU of Heavenly Japan)

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The Third Friday Special Lecture

The third special lecture for the 2019-1 semester on April 6 ('19.5.10.) of Chun Il-guk's seven-year history was hosted under the theme "Let's Become a global leader" by Eiji Tokuno, chairman of the FFWPU of Heavenly Japan

Eiji Tokuno gave a lecture in English to foster the cadets' sense of global mind, and through this lecture he talked about seven key minds to become global leaders.

"To be a global leader, I have to have a big dream." Second, "Bring up your faith," "Have confidence in future," and fourth, "Keep purity internally and keep safety and health externally."(Keep safe.) Fifthly, I have to be blessed, develop your own career, and finally master a foreign language."

Based on his experience in public service, Eiji Tokuno delivered the lecture to the cadets, and finally encouraged them by saying, "I hope our cadets also have the expectation of their heavenly parents and have the ability to dream big here and to make it happen."






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