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Wednesday Chapel Professor Moon Nan-young 12/12/2018

Writer : Jin Hwa Olimpio   /   Date : 18-12-14 07:33   /   Hit : 666


The Direct Map to Cheon-Il Guk.


Professor Moon Nan-young


Not long ago, I happened to see a list of 20 people who have changed world history over the last two thousand years. The last person to be ranked number one. Do you know who it is? The person who came in first was Jesus. I think a lot of people will agree with this. First of all, one-third of the world's 7.5 billion people, across race, language and nationality, are Christians, and they believe Jesus is the Messiah of mankind. Even if you're not a Christian, you use the Year of Christ, which is the first year of Jesus' birth, and according to Christian tradition, you have a one-day Sabbath, or a national holiday. Today, Christmas has become a world-class celebration, and the Christian scripture, the Bible, has been translated into the language of every country in the world and has become a historical bestseller of the East and West.


Jesus’s public life was less than three years. Jesus was crucified. His area of influence was mostly in the area near Lake Galilee. Most of his life had not been noticed by Jewish leaders or society at that time. So, how did Jesus and Christianity become the greatest and greatest people in human history today? According to the Bible, when Jesus was crucified, Peter and all the other 12 disciples fled in fear, and only Mary Magdalene and other women, who followed him from Galilee, watched the crucifixion. His disciples did not understand the nature of Jesus, the identity of Jesus' messiah, even though they shared time with him for three years.


In the early days of Unification Church, True Father cried a lot whenever he preached about Jesus. I remember crying a lot when we didn't understand True Father's tears deeply. And one day he said, "If Peter had offered to take over your cross, or if the disciples had accompanied him on the right, on the left, instead of the robbers, it would not have taken you two thousand years." He also said, "Are you ready to take care of your parents?" 'God sent the message of Jesus' resurrection through women to his disciples who had returned to their daily lives with disappointment and frustration after the death of Jesus' cross.


The promise of the Lord, "I will come again soon," has brought the disciples all back to life. They repented the crowd of four thousand and five thousand a day and preached the gospel according to the Lord's command: "Give the gospel to the ends of the earth." According to the apostles and letters of the apostles of the New Testament, the biggest reason they could carry the gospel to their martyrdom, enduring extreme persecution and distress, was the desire for the Lord's Ressurection.


We have now, 2,000 years ago, welcomed the Day of the Lord, which the apostles of the Lord longed for and looked forward to, namely, Second-coming Messiah. We are living in the era of Cheon-Il Guk with our true parents. Two thousand years ago, our fellow disciples of Jesus were called "Direct Map" by Jesus, and we, in this time period, are participating in the settlement process of the Kingdom of Heaven with our true parents. For us, the first mission is to show our sincere love for our parents and show off our true parents all over the world.


When I met my family members who were suffering only with absolute faith, faith and longing for their parents at difficult missionary sites such as Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and so on, I was moved to tears by my own heart and gratitude. For only half a century, they have had numerous sons and daughters all over the world, building a global foundation. No one can deny that this is impossible by human power alone, and that it is the history of the providence of God.


But the world is now in turmoil due to the lack of values. Domestic ethics are destroyed, and discrimination and conflict are deepening in many parts of society, making the road to a peaceful world more and more distant. Except for your vision and fulfillment of the meaning of your parents, there is no way to solve human problems and no hope for the future. Unification of the Korean Peninsula, which is the regressive dream of God and his parents, is also our immediate task for Cheon-Il Guk.


Now, at the end of today's talk, I'd like to ask you a few things with great expectations and First of all, I hope you will never forget your calling ceremony and pride as a direct guide to Cheon-Il Guk. Be a direct guide to the Holy Spirit and Truth, with skill and character, who can proudly proclaim and boast your true parents anytime, anywhere. To become such an apostle, I would like to conclude my remarks by asking you to be a beautiful person both inside and outside through training and training for body and health, and to study principles and words hard for the confidence and pride of a great principal lecturer, and to study Korean and Korean, the mother tongue of Cheon-Il Guk, to prepare for unification of the Korean Peninsula and the missionary work in North Korea. Thank you!











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