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The Man of God's Will

Professor Hwang Jin-su

Do you believe in fate? A man with firm dreams will live today in the direction that his dreams can come true, and a man of uncertain vision will have no choice but to have a torn attitude in the present situations. The problem is that it's hard to find an answer to what to do and what to do in the future.

'God’s will for providence is predestined but the accomplishment of providence is relative.' 'Only when 95 percent of responsibility is shared by God and 5 percent of human responsibility can the meaning be achieved.' We know the meaning of the Divine Principle and the predestination teachings and meanings. The meaning of God's purpose of creation is absolute. When you say that the intent is absolute, it's a matter of how long it takes, which means it's done. In this way, we can say that the ultimate future of our human race is determined. Although it may take some time to do this, the will of God, the dream of a creative ideal world, will surely come true.

I was deeply enthralled by the expression 'the man of God as he had planned.' In the sense of providence throughout our lives, each of us is responsible for a large and small part of the providence of God. And if he doesn't fulfill his responsibilities, he can't be the man he's supposed to be." And I read this over and over again, and I thought, "God is going to be a certain person." And I thought, "What kind of person is he going to be?"

We have been given special personalities, qualities, and abilities by God. You must have given us meaning in the name of the mission. That's 95 percent of the responsibility of God. The rest is a five percent share of responsibility for each of us. When the two are together at 100 percent, we can only become "the man of God's will."


The key is that we never know what God is supposed to be like, what mission he should achieve in detail. God's will is deep and subtle; what he has planned for us may not be what we are today. Our life's journey will be a long journey to achieve what we're supposed to but we don't know exactly where it's going.

We should never be complacent, nor should we live in the way God wishes to each of us and knows what he is supposed to be and what his mission is. He who does not prepare for the future and wastes his present time will never be the man God had intended. It is also a form of hubris to settle for the present in the absence of God's will. The best way is to always pray to God with a clear mind and open mind, and challenge every day to make the best use of the talents granted by God to contribute to the will.

I'm sure that one person sitting here today never happened to come here. Here are the "Be me as God has predestined." We're here with five percent of our responsibilities. But this is not the end. It's a new beginning. Because the present is not the end of God's predestination. 95 percent of God's expectations are already growing in you.

I sincerely hope that on this beautiful campus of Sunhak UP Graduate University, you will be able to meet God in one-on-one and realize what he has given you and continue to strive to fulfill your 5 percent responsibilities. To do so, as I said, keep praying for a deeper understanding of your identity and mission. Be careful. Be deeply involved in your studies. And practice love, and if you do that, this time at school will be a valuable time to discover who God has planned you to be.


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