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Again, on the road.


Park Soo-hong


I think you're going to start a new job, a new role, or a new meeting. But this novelty. Some beginnings don't always seem to come with hope and expectation. Hope, anxiety about new things with expectation, burden. Sometimes, even anxiety comes with them. As for the closeness of the situation and the situation of concern, the true parents were teaching the way more clearly through words. I'll summarize what I said today and read it again.


It's the main thing that needs a hand-me-down, and the person who wants to be the main player has to be in a position to give. As much as God is eternal Subject that give forever, he is in the position of eternal self. You have to act like a handshake... and if God tries to give it to you even if you don't receive it, the power is automatically connected. God will follow me if he keeps saying he's going to give it to me for the world.


In your words, I re-confirm the principle of how your parents live. God, the absolute subject, is absolutely directed at the other. That's the character of heaven parents themselves. Someone who doesn't know you. Someone who wants to do it for a bigger purpose. He lives on that principle, and he tells us through words that this principle is not only applicable to heaven parents. He says, "If God tries to give it to you even if you don't get it, it automatically connects, and if you keep offering, God will follow you." It's a surprising and scary word, and you're telling me that if I live, my heavenly parents will follow me.


As I meditated on this, I suddenly thought of True Father standing on the hill. I'm sure you've been there before, on the hill of Beomnyeokgol, where the sea unfolds. There were war refugees, early 30s, having nothing, what kind of mind did he have? I'm sure there was a great sense of mission that God had already given him. At that time, I wondered what kind of mind my father would have hoped for in the future.


Have you ever seen an international market movie? I was very impressed with this story by my father, "Doksu," who lived through the turbulent modern history of Korea. It's about a father who has sacrificed his life for his family. When I watched this movie, my father came up with an overlap.


Deoksu was a young student during Heungnam Chul-soo. But when Heungnam Chul-soo is in a mess with his family, his father will visit his youngest brother, Mak Soon-i. And he realized that he was a family he would never meet again and said to Deoksu, "Doksu... Now you're the father of my family, okay?" Are you going to be in elementary school? Ask Deok-su for his family and make a birthday farewell. The last conversation he had with his father. They live with their promises for the rest of their lives. And one day in his old age, his gray hair, he recalls his whole life and says, "I'm a man. "Father, I kept my promise well, I lived well, but it was really hard for me," she cries deeply.


I immediately came up with my father's. "I thought I'd devoted my life to my father... Deok-su had a promise with my father and lived for a lifetime. The humble young man lived so fiercely for a moment, holding on to one of his promises with his heavenly parents. I realized that these miracles that my parents created were possible because they had been doing what they wanted, based on the principle that they lived. The key to victory was there.


March, this moment of feeling the coming spring little by little. I get a little reassurance through what you say. As if, over time, warm and blue energy will appear in trees and woods all over our campus. I can't stop picturing my graduate school full of rejuvenation and rejuvenation. I used to tell our educators like a joke, but I think the eighth cadets will be sitting here with twice or three times in number. I can't stop thinking about what I'm already drawing. To do so, I intend to live, work and relate to the principles that you have told me. Sometimes you forget it and make mistakes, and I'll try to get back to the principle and start.


Dear Sunhak UP Graduate University Family, Do you have a bit of anxiety in front of a new beginning, or are you afraid of an important choice? Just like my real parents did, like my heavenly parents did. Why don't we move silently from the path of principle, the path of love? Will you make it a blessing as a result of the goodness of heaven together? On the road of principle, on the road of love, I want to be a family that we always meet together. Thank you.


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