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The joy of creating new knowledge!

Professor Kim In-soo



God is the historical God, the timely God. As a future God, we are also historical. You have to have knowledge of it as a racer who has both an age and a future condition. If you don't, you're going to be swept away by some kind of future cause.

(Joseon 7-140; 1959. Former Headquarter Church)

You can't understand what you're saying right away, right? But if you read it in a book, you can understand it. Because you have a head that is able to take charge of such a vast world, to compare it, to arrange it in contrast, you are able to recover all the knowledge world in this world and focus on the traditional standard of principle and perfect the theoretical system. It's not such a big deal. It's worth it to say that a person has done something that even tens of thousands of scholars can't do. The Unification Church has such a scary weapon.

(Site 228-149; 1992.3 27, Headquarter of Japan's Unification Church)

You shouldn't let the purpose of studying and going to school be to a good university and getting into a well-earned job. The most important purpose should be to complete the three blessings God has given you and to become a person of affection, love and patriotism. Only when you build knowledge, skills and skills on that goal can you achieve a big dream.

(Mother, 2014.02.10, Cheon Jeong Gung, and Wonmo Pyung-ae Foundation's 2nd Certificate of Scholarship)


Know, which includes know-what to know a particular fact, know-how to know a law and principle, know-how to know the ability and skill to do something, know-how to recognize who knows what and how to do something. Universities are called 'lives of knowledge' and provide opportunities and space for delivering knowledge to university members and further creating knowledge.

The process of creating knowledge, new knowledge, and creation for the settlement of the Heavenly Kingdom

Socialization The process of acquiring knowledge from others through sharing experiences as a process of creating the implicitness of an organization from an individual.

The process of converting implicit knowledge acquired through socialization from implicit externalization to formal knowledge such as concepts, models, etc.

The process of creating a systematic format paper from an individual format site, creating a new format paper by integrating it into a new format, and combining and rearranging different forms of paper by systemizing concepts into knowledge.

The process of creating implicit knowledge in the form of internalization, in which the experience gained from the previous three stages is a process of implicit transformation of the organization in the form of shared mental models or technical know-how.


Pleasure through the interstellar and morphological correlations

Joy arises only when there is an intangible or real object or an object that develops in its own character and shape, and the stimuli that come from it give it a relative sense of its own character and shape.

(DP, 1987: 52)


Joy arises when the personality and shape of the subject resemble each other.

(Reference on Unification Thoughts, 2007: 422)

joy through the superiority of the sexes.

Sexual similarity means that some or all of ideas, ideas, personalities, hobbies, culture, and feelings resemble each other. To look beautiful, especially when one finds one's own ideas in the object.

(Reference on Unification Thoughts, 2007: 422-23)

"Sung Sang-sung" refers to the similarity between the sexes of the author and the thoughts in the work, as well as the sexual aspects of the main subject, the viewer's thoughts. (Reference on Unification Ideology, 2007: 423)

joy through the merchantability of a figure

What belongs to the shape are the elements that you feel through the shapes, colors, sounds, and smells of objects. When these things coincide with the prototype in our bodies, feelings of joy rise as we feel beauty. All elements of the outer world, known as geometry, are circularly embedded in the inner world (the human body), i.e. the shape, color, sound and smell of things (the object, the work), are circularly, or miniature, and are already present in the human body. the joy of these similar factors in cognition when they stimulate affection.


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