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Road for the Capital of the Kingdom of Heaven

Kim Dong-woo, head of the Cheongshim District.

What would you do when you were on the scene? What sets the prestige of your parents? Our family members are determined to build the capital city of the Heavenly Kingdom and are engaged in the activities of the new family Messiah. I'd like to explain that today.

Your mother made a clear conclusion about your father's remarks about how to proceed and how to settle for seven years from 1960. They said, 'Through the blessing movement, I will educate the people of the countries you passed through so that they know their true parents' values and love for themselves.' Gapyeong is trying to make this happen.


I became one with my parents, and I am making Gapyeong with them. Gapyeong is the capital of Japan. Your mother made it clear that it is the capital of the kingdom. So by 2020, Gapyeong is moving toward creating an environment as the capital city of Cheon Il Guk. The capital of the Cheon Il Guk consists of the people of the Cheon Il Guk and the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Heaven.


In order for Gapyeong to become the capital city of Cheonil-guk, all the people of Gapyeong must drink Holy Wine and change their bloodline. The territory of the Kingdom of Heaven is to attend True Parent, and to take True Parents in spirit, and to fly the flag of the Family Federation, to become the territory of the Kingdom of Heaven, and to finally complete the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Heaven on the basis of that. It set a goal of restoring sovereignty in this democratic world, for Gapyeong County and Cheongshim Family Church to work together toward the future of Gapyeong County and the future of the Republic of Korea.


We've made a slogan about how we're going to create a thousand-day country from the point where we've set a goal of completing the creation of the environment by 2020.From wedding blessing to torch blessing. Spiritually in charge of all county from torch to a wedding blessing is responsible for the completion of the provision to activity and as a goal and a return of the Godly-Gapyeong. Based on your mother's words, we are creating a new environment, creating a future.

It is a strategy that involves first-generation Koreans in the field and second-generation people in charge of overall management of the church. The last stop as the capital of the country is to create the sovereignty of the kingdom. We can talk about our thoughts and hold events, but we're completely strangers in the way we attend government-sponsored events. So in order to regain this sovereignty, we must go through a cooperative relationship. So, starting this year, we are approaching Gapyeong County's events in the form of sponsorships and co-ownership, not in our organization.

In particular, the Gapyeong Independence Movement was held as a co-leader of Gapyeong County, with the view of cleaning up the past history and presenting a new future through reconciliation and harmony. We need to have the power to move government leaders through these things. We need to prepare the events with Gapyeong County. In Gapyeong County society, we have to bring together historical and influential events. We're working together to prepare and carry out the main events of the institutions that the Family Union has.


The new family messengers are now aiming to end the creation of the environment as the capital of Cheon Il Guk, which lays the foundations of the village and brings government officials together with the congregation agencies, spreading and planting the names and love of the true parents throughout Gapyeong County. I'm going to invite you to attend the seminar for about three months every day after day. I will make them a blessing and complete my mission so that Gapyeong County can be dedicated to my parents by 2020 as the capital city of Cheon Il Guk. Thank you.


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