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Professor Yu In-chang

Today's choice was one of the things your parents said about depression in Cheonseong-Gyeong. There are only three words in the scripture.

We're growing black poison and raising one at a time when we don't all know. We've come in and we've settled in without our knowledge. It's like a cancer cell. Many people think that cancer cells suddenly came in from outside one day, but they're already inside of us a long time ago. One day, if your immune system is weakened by stress, or if you don't take care of your health, then the cells that you've been hiding are becoming more and more occupied.


I don't think the black poison is just depression. All of our fears and past trauma can be a black dog. Everyone is afraid and hard. Even in the days of Jesus 2000 years ago, people were afraid and still are afraid. But in the past, the disease called depression was not recognized. I thought it was a trait that only creative people had. But now it's a big problem for the World Health Organization to make these videos. Currently, 8.5 percent of the world's population suffers from depression, not just depression.

Besides depression, we have a lot of black poison in our minds. We're all afraid. In response, they said, if you don't have a stimulus to rebound, you should go into the depression yourself and create a new stimulus. I think that's to say, don't avoid the problem and get into it and be a new impetus to solve it. But we're weaker than we thought. Men may be more muscular, but their mental problems are different. In general, depression is known to have twice as many women as men.


But when they get older, they get stronger. Why do women suddenly have better solutions? Women are better at community life than men. Because I hang out with my friends and stay with them, I have a hard job, but I laugh a lot, share difficulties, and become more generous.


resilience to the power to overcome these difficulties in psychology It's called adaptive flexibility. A lot of research has been done on how you can grow it. There are various opinions, but we talk about active emotions, tenacity and passion, meeting with people related to hobbies and sports, and support from families, gatherings, schools, and churches. Going far into the Three Kingdoms Period, galleries have been hunting, hanging out and learning in groups to grow up to be a good actor. After all, it's all about creating a good community.

What should I do? John called his brothers and sisters, who believe in God, the ones who love him. Let's say, "Let's love." Because there's no fear in love and total love drives out fear, and like the word of the country, fear disappears in love and love drives out fear. But what kind of love is it? The last passage says that our love was that he loved us first. Who is he? He gave the answer by saying, "God is love." Because you loved us first, it would be love in a community where our heavenly parents are served.


We're in a secluded place away from the city. But it's where there are more loved ones than ever. But many people still don't have a healthy and good community, and they're just in the community. Time goes by. People get harder. We're getting great opportunities, but it's hard to act if we don't see it and don't realize it. If I don't act, there's no love around me that drives out fear. From today, I hope to feel the love of God and grow up with him. Very.


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