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04 24 2019_ Wednesday Chapel_Kim Dong Woo CARP YSP President

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a mainstream path


Kim Dong-yeon, chairman of Korea YSP & CARP.


I've talked to you last year, and I've told you that your real parents' sense of messiah started with their own determination. My 59th anniversary mother said, 'If I don't make up my mind, I won't be able to fulfill my heavenly parents' dreams unless I step up!' Although I was young, I made up my mind." So your mother could hear that you made the decision more than anyone else when you wanted to move on to your parents' seat as a heavenly bride. Your father and your mother, as a single-born and single-born child, could feel that you were growing up and on your way.


Today is the road of liquor. How did the true parents develop and succeed in the decades-long process? It's a management principle, a posture. He gave us two words to further solidify my sense of purpose and my security. As you all know, throughout their lives, they've evolved from individuals to thousands of weeks. When I look at my real parents, I don't think they have the basic spirit of being the perfect, perfect, God-like, perfect, perfect, perfect, perfect human. When you are attacked by people who are hesitant, conflicted, and who are more likely to love you than hate you, and you think you're an omnipotent parent who will recognize you at a glance, and you're considered to be the only one.


"It was necessary to experience the consequences of the loser." And if you look back on your parents' life, you can see that there are so many feelings of defeat and suffering. Not only was there success, there were moments of heartbreak that were enough to bring you down, there were failures, there were failures, there were failures, there was a lot of life that could have been losers, but after that, providence always made rapid progress. A day after leaving Seodaemun Prison, you bought the Cheongpa-dong Church, and within a year, your family doubled. After Heungjin's torch ceremony, Young Gye-seob made a radical move.


She told me in her parents' lives that it is important to feel the feelings of the loser. They are showing that when the situation of the loser occurs, it hurts and is hard, but it is an opportunity to grow even more. The title I prepared today is Zhou Yu's Road I'm going to take a look at the deep corners of the mind that are building up this loser's feelings and growing up again over there. My parents say, 'The water is the same with the alcohol or the non-mainstream.' He said, 'The water in the upper stream flows rapidly in a narrow area, and it looks dirty because the impurities in it float away, and the water in the lower stream flows wide and slow, so that only clear water flows through it.' So the hard and difficult pain in your mind doesn't go away, but it's going to sink to the bottom and go invisible. Therefore, it is hard enough to risk one's life. It's called.

There will be betrayals from her students, and many of the difficulties she's going through are not lost in her heart, but she's completely gone, and she's showing us that she's doing everything she can, as if it were in her heart, but only flowing clear water, so that we can always hope and move forward like the mainstream.


There was a rally of my parents on April 11, 2008. April 9th was the day of the election. At that time, he made a big decision to run in the country under the orders of his parents. My real parents say they were 100 percent confident that one or two would be members of the National Assembly. But not one, and after receiving the results from the U.S., he stayed silent for hours without moving. It was a situation where no one could talk. After a while, he said, 'I have to go to Korea.' As soon as the plane takes off, he said, 'Call your family from all over the country.' The next day, the whole family will gather at Jangchung Gymnasium. The people who worked hard in the election, the parents, showed up in such mood with sorry and sorry feelings. There, my real parents rarely say anything about the election, and let's move on again by holding a regimen of "God's High Declaration Contest." Let's cheer up,' he said. In a way, it's a failure, and I'm afraid you'll feel sorry for it. He told us to move forward bright again.

And when I think about the depth of the abyss, I think about myself. Guys, I don't think I'm taking a step because my mind is perfectly clean. And the true parents that we admire, we can see that there's constant conflict in their minds, and there's something dirty left, and that's the kind of life that takes a step forward the next day. It is natural for us to have continued pain in our hearts. That's not the problem, but it's calming it down so that I can laugh at my opponent like the clear water flow of the day today, or start my life briskly, and I think this is the mainstream path my real parents are talking about.

Whenever I think of them, I feel closer to them. "My parents are human, they have a lot of difficulties in their hearts, and yet when they decide to push ahead with us, it's behind them to sink deep enough to risk their lives." Because it's perfect, Messiah doesn't have the power to do this well. When he was 16, he realized that the "glorious crown" that he used wasn't over at that time, but lasted his whole life. But what's going on is the news of hope for the mainstream. And yet, to one person we meet, we realize that it's our mainstream path to cheer up and give hope. Where our water flows in our daily lives. My parents, despite all that stuff, have gone down. Don't you feel close to your parents? Perfectly, I hope that the thoughtless thing will not resemble the true parents, but take a step today in the midst of constant conflict and move on to the mainstream.


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