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A LIfe in Love

Do Hyun-seop


What I'd like to share with you today is called "Life on Love." I think you'll understand what love means in our lives, even if I don't bother to you. Heavenly parents, the source of love, created the world of creation only with love, and only with love as his child created man.


All God had hoped for after creation was love for his children, humans. It was the greatest right and duty of man to complete the first blessing he granted by loving his parents fully, to complete the second blessing he gave by making a couple's kites with the blessing of his parents, and to complete the third blessing he gave by loving everything that is the creation of heavenly parents. Like this, love is the principle of losing in our lives. If we were to choose an absolute code that could be given to us, we'd say, "I love you very much."


We can all think of ourselves as being a lovelist. A lovelist means a person who determines whether it is a flower of love or not and lives accordingly for everything that goes on in his or her life. My parents described my life as being in love. We can see from the words of our true parents that when we are drunk, everything in the world will respond, and if we live a life of love, we will express our joy in love with everything in the world.

They talked about the process of saving principles, and when they were young, they realized the mystery of heaven's parents' creation in nature and developed love in nature. The bees in your parents' words must have been soaked in honey. Observing the same punishment, my real parents think they've ever painted a picture of a person being in love. 

And I'm sure you've come to mind when you see a dense cloud drifting away from the green lawn on a spring day. I'm careful to guess that that's when you think of someone who lives a life of love.


Those who want to live a life of love will be free from the miscellaneous things around them because the more they want to live a life of love, the more they stop doing the miscellaneous things around them, the more they focus only on love, and the more they live in love, the more they are already full of love. My parents described the control of a person who lives a life of love as follows: "When I see the world with the eyes of love, I see the flying bird, and I say, 'Oh, why is that bird in the boat? Oh, you miss your lover.' That's where poetry is recited and literature comes out. And that's where the history of life is repeated over and over again. The average person sees the water flowing along the winding terrain as it bends, and if there is a rock, it boulders. But if you find out that it flows through love, you can weave poems that can last a thousand years. Therefore, the breath of love, the touch of love, the singing of love, the speech of love are all good.


We need to live the precious life that we have at this moment, and try to think about how we can live the life of love. British theologian William Barkley said: "We're often so busy with our food and food that we forget about living properly." Let's think about whether we're forgetting about life in love because we're so busy with our immediate work and falling apart. Whenever that happens, we will have to remind ourselves of the words of our real parents, who have taught us the importance of life in love.


I'd like to end my sermon by remembering the words of my parents, who share this precious and precious day that the mountains and lakes of Hyojung are showing off their beauty, and hope that you will be able to achieve the noble goal of our lives and the life we live in love. Thank you.










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