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On August 2th 9th of Cheon Il Guk calendar (2020.09.08) We had a worship service on Wednesday at our school. Due to the influence of Corona, it became an online process, and the attendees attended through ZOOM and had a meaningful time. The moderator and representative prayer were cadets, the praise was  오하나 (Ohana), and the word was Vice President  Do Hyun sup.


Vice President  Do Hyun sup gave a precious word under the title of “Are you moving towards your heart-pounding dream?”.


“ Am I a dreamer? It is very important for us not to end up as dreamers, but to think about what kind of dream that dream is and who we will fulfill it with. In addition, our dreams should be aimed at good and toward heavenly parent who are the subjects of good. Dream is not word that exist to show the hope and ideal that they want to realize. It is to move toward the goal to achieve. The dream of true parent is not ours, but our dream is the dream of heavenly parent and true parent. Are you moving toward your dreams that make your heart race?""


It was a gracious Wednesday service in which all the professors, officials, and students gave their deepest gratitude to Heavenly Parents and True Parents with one heart.

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