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On October 27th 9th of Cheon Il Guk calendar (2020.12.01) We had a worship service on Wednesday at our school. the attendees attended through ZOOM and had a meaningful time. The moderator and representative prayer were cadets, the praise was  오하나 (Ohana), and the word was 
Youth Special Envoy Kenta Kishi.

Youth Special Envoy​ Kenta Kishi gave a precious word under the title of “사명의 자각”.

"The most important thing is how much you realize your mission when you're at school. True Mother told me to be a lamp. This word cannot be understood with the head and must be understood with the mind. Experience is important to become a lamp. When you go to the scene, you have no choice but to feel lacking in all aspects. Therefore, we need the heart(심정) foundation of True parent. True parent will help you if you believe in that foundation. 
I came to UPA to help True parent, but I received a lot of love. I only received that. I owe a lot to True parent. So I'm busy paying off my debt now. If you have such a mind, there is no inconvenience even if you go out to the scene.

What is important to the leader of heaven is not ability. It is a replacement for True parent. You should always have a "sacrifice" spirit. Don't compare it to the person next to you, just look forward. Don't worry about the future. Satan comes into our hearts from the moment we are worried. The reality is that you have to change it. Satan should be recognized. Satan is always looking at us. Leaders should always be humble. When I brag, people don't follow me..“

How much are we aware of our mission in school? This is the most important thing. I hope it can be a lamp for 7 billion mankind.

It was a gracious Wednesday service in which all the professors, officials, and students gave their deepest gratitude to Heavenly Parents and True Parents with one heart.

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