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3.6 by the heavenly calendar in the 10th year of Cheon Il Guk (April 6, 2022) 

We had a Worship Service on Wednesday at our school. Due to the influence of Corona-19, it became an online process. The attendees attended through ZOOM and had a meaningful time. The moderators and representative prayers were performed by the cadets. The praise was prepared by the language school students and the sermon was delivered by Professor Si-gu Jung.


Professor Si gu Jung gave a precious sermon on the title of “The Way of the Righteous.”


“The path of a believer, which can be said to be the path of the righteous, is to walk the path that God desires, no matter what obstacles stand in the way. True Father went south from the communist north, but he was instructed by God to return to the north, the seat of a servant, and obeyed that path without hesitation. This is equivalent to going to the limbs. He suffered a lot of torture in North Korea, and finally he escaped the bombing of the Korean War on June 25 in Heungnam Prison, where he risked his life for more than two and a half years.


As children of True Parents, we too live in the world, but we must not live according to the world's fashions and customs. In other words, because we must live according to the Word of God, we must become a believer who meditates on the Word.”


It became a gracious Wednesday worship service in which professors, faculty, and students all expressed deep gratitude to Heavenly Parents and True Parents with one heart.


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