Faculty Introduction

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Faculty Introduction


Tyler Owen Hendricks
내선 031-589-1500
이메일 thendricks@unification.org 또는 th@uts.edu


1966-1970 University of California, Davis Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

1976-1978 Unification Theological Seminary (certification, not accredited degree)

1978-1979 Vanderbilt University, Masters of Arts in Religion, 1978-1979

1979-1983 Vanderbilt University, Ph.D. in Religion 


1973-1975 Unification Church Centers Center Member/ Lecturer/ Public Relations

1975-1976 Unification Church MFT Member, Team Captain

1978 International One World Crusade(IOWC) Member/ Lecturer/ Team Leader

1984-1985 Common Suffering Fellowship National Conference Coordinator

1985 Assembly of the World's Religions Assistant Director

1985-1987 International Religious Foundation Acting Director, Director of Publications

1987-1988 HSA-UWC New England Regional Coordinator

1988-1995 HSA America National Headquarters Vice-President for International Affairs

1995-2000 HSA America National Headquarters President

2000-2010 Unification Theological Seminary President

2010-2013 HSA America National HQ Theological Consultant

2013-2014 International HQ Publications Office Senior Editor

2014-2016 Center for Education at UTS(Website) Director

2016-2018 True Parents Way(Website) Director

2016-2017 Unificatio Theological Seminary Online Education Consultant & Adjuct Professor

2019 HSA America National Headquarters Theological Consultant, Member of HSA-UWC Board of Directors

2019-2020 High Noon International Theological Consultant 

2019-2020 International Headquarters Theological Consultant






Shopping in Cheon Il Guk,” Journal of Unification Studies, 2014

“Why Churches Grow in a Free Society,” Today’s World, January, 2013

“The Godly Form of Household Government, and Its Demise,” Journal of Unification Studies, Vol. 11, 2010

“Hippies of the Religious Right,” a review of Preston Shires’s Hippies of the Religious Right, in Unification News, October, 2007

“An Interfaith Movement and Its Seminary,” Journal of Unification Studies, Vol. 8 (2007)

New World Encyclopedia articles: Ayn Rand, John Lennon, Jerry Garcia, Charles Finney, Jonathan Edwards, Resurrection, Predestination (2006)

“The Storyteller,” a review of Alan Jacobs’s The Narnian: The Life and Imagination of C. S. Lewis, in The World & I, January-February 2006; pp. 81-84.

“Growth, Diversity and the ‘One Body’,” American Clergy (Summer, 2004)

“Church Growth through Start-Ups and Satellites,” Journal of Unification Studies, Vol. 5 (2003)

“Why Grow? Isn’t Jesus Coming on the Clouds?” in Lee, Rev. In Hoi, Creating Personal Vision: Building a Healthy and Growing Community of Faith (Washington, DC: Washington Family Church/FFWPU, 2001)




주요 발표논문

“When the Time Is Ripe: The Blossoming of Chambumo Gyeong,” paper presented at the HyoJeong Academy Symposium, February, 2019

“National Restoration: Pure Love, True Family Values and the Constitution,” a paper presented at the Cheon Il Guk Academy Symposium, February, 2017 and in Prague at the European Leaders Assembly, March, 2017.

“Questions and Answers on Sanctuary Church,” a paper presented at the Cheon Il Guk Academy Symposium, August, 2016

“The Authority and Responsibility of True Parents,” a paper presented at the Cheon Il Guk Academy Symposium, February, 2016

“The Path to Happiness,” 42 videos presenting Exposition of the Divine Principle, based on a script written by Dr. Son, Dae O, produced by iPeace TV in 2014, available on YouTube &c.

“Creating a Faithful Christian Marriage,” an HSA-True Family Values curriculum presented to 5,000 American clergy, 1996

“Young Man Finney: The American Adam Becomes a Mighty Winner of Souls” (paper presented to the American Academy of Religion Regional Meeting, Gainesville, FL, 1982)





Editor with Dr. Robert Kittel, Four Family Loves, a Youth and Students for Peace character education curriculum now used in public schools in Africa, 2018

“Building a Genesis 1:28 Family,” a set of six True Family Values videos and workbooks (New York, HSA-UWC, 2001)

Family, Church, Community, Kingdom: Building a Witnessing Church for Working Families

(New York: HSA-UWC, 2000)

Editor, Assembly of the World’s Religions, 1985 (New York: Paragon House Publishers, 1986)

Co-editor with Frank Flinn, Religion in the Pacific Era (New York: Paragon House Publishers, 1985)

Redactor, God’s Warning to the World (New York: HSA Publications, 1984)

“Voluntary Association, Intermarriage and ‘The World of the Heart’,” in Henry O. Thompson, Unity in Diversity: Essays in Religion by Members of the Faculty of the Unification Theological Seminary (New York: Unification Theological Seminary, 1984)


Unification Theological Seminary President Emeritus

Unification Theological Seminary Professor Emeritus

Heavenly Tribal Messiah Accomplisher 

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