UPA Cadet Course Application Guideline

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UPA Cadet Course Application Guideline

UPA Cadet Course Application Guideline

2023 SunHak Universal Peace
Graduate University
Recruitment of the 11th 

Class Cadets

    I. Recruitment


     Department (Degree)

     Recruiting number



     Th. M / M. Div.


     Above level 3 in TOPIK

     M. A. in Peace NGO

    II. Admission qualifications

    ■ Candidates that fulfill all the requirements below may apply


    1) Member of Heavenly Parent’s Holy Community with a model life of faith, good physical health, and a clear understanding of the providence and a minimum of 3 years of training in life of faith
    2) Graduation from a 4-year university, or having earned a degree of equal or higher status
    3) Those with leadership traits and wish to pursue a public life
    4) Those with neat personal demeanor, without physical or mental handicaps which would hinder the pursuit of the course

     ※ Those applying for the graduate school course must be certified in TOPIK 3 or above

    III. Admission benefits

    1) Ceremony of appointment by True Parents as Cheon Il Guk Special Youth Envoy upon participation in all required programs

    2) True Parents’ special scholarship (tuition, dormitory fee, basic educational fees) provided upon agreement to fulfill the 2-year master’s course and 1-year internship

    3) Differentiated education in faith, spirituality, truth, administration of general affairs, liberal arts and language (Korean, English)

    4) Participation in seasonal oversea programs (holy ground pilgrimage, witnessing and cultural experience during summer and winter vacation period)

    IV. Completion of documents

    1) Deadline period: Sep. 26(Mon) ~ Oct.14 (Fri) 6PM, 2022

    2) Documents: Go to the school homepage > click on the admission tab, > select master or doctor course. > download the admission form.   

    3) Email completed application form to : admission-sunhak@upacademy.kr

    4) Documents which need to be submitted when applying



     Document Instructions

     Checking List /

    submitting documents

     ▶School form

     Admission form

     ▶School form


     ▶School form

     Study plan

     ▶School form

     Letter of recommendation

     ▶1. Recommendation written by leader in charge

       2. Recommendation signed by regional group chair 

     Collecting personal information and consent for use

     ▶School form

     ID photo

     ▶ID photo (3X4cm; passport size, with white background.)

     Copy of Passport ID Page

     ▶ Copy of ID page only

         *The name and registration number on your admission application form must be the same as shown in your passport

     Family Relation Certificate

     ▶School form 

     University graduation 


     ▶Certification of a 4-year Bachelor’s degree.

      If you have submitted certification of expectant graduation, you must submit a proper graduation certificate before the start of the semester.

     ▶In the case of degrees from foreign colleges, they must be notarized by the consul or Apostille. 

     Those who have graduated from a Chinese college must submit proof of the acquired degree.

     ▶If you have graduated from a non-Korean college, you must translate your transcript into English and it must be notarized 

     by the consul or  Apostille.

     University transcript

     ▶An official transcript which clearly shows percentage points and total grade points earned.

     ▶If you have received a grade report with only grade point averages, you must ask your school to issue a grade report showing 

     percentage grades.

     ▶ If you have transferred colleges, you must provide grade reports from all schools attended.

     ▶If you have graduated from a foreign college, you must translate your transcript into English and it must be notarized by the consul or 


     TOPIK score certificate

     ▶TOPIK level 3 or higher and the score must have been issued within the past two years. (In case of TOPIK level 3, students must earn

     TOPIK level 4 until graduation from the graduate school)

     Medical report

     ▶Medical report including 

       1) Blood test(HBs: hepatitis B)

       2) Chest X-ray test

       3) Urine test (pH, protein, glucose, hematuria)

     Cadet report

     ▶Personal candidate report required

    V. Entrance exam  

    1) Period: Oct. 27th(Thu), 2022
    2) Method: Online Zoom interview 
    3) Participants: International applicants residing abroad 
    4) Exam categories: Interview, Divine Principle test, English test, Speaking test(Korean)  

    VI. Admissions results

    Nov. 16th(Wed), 2022

    VII. Inquiry

    1) Admission guide 
    ▶Global HR Department (UPA office)
    Tel : +82-31-589-1585
    E-mail : admission-sunhak@upacademy.kr

    2) Registration of application, visa procedures
    ▶Graduate school administration office
    Tel : +82-31-589-1585
    E-mail : admission-sunhak@upacademy.kr

    경기도 가평군 설악면 미사리로 324-211 선학UP대학원대학교 / 전화 : 031-589-1500 / 팩스 : 031-589-1559
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