Greetings from the president

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Greetings from the president

Greetings from the president

President's MessageWelcome to SunHak UP Graduate University!

Here among the natural beauty and grace of the Cheongpyeong special garden area, we concentrate on raising future leaders for Heavenly Parent's providence.

Following the guidance of our True Parents and school co-founders, Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, our graduate university is advancing toward a global level in both academic pursuits and field-related training. Reflective academic training and vigorous field-related training are both essential for global leadership. In traditional Korean terms, mun(文) and mu(武) are equally important.

Academic training
Our campus is the new home of the HyoJeong Academic Center, representing our True Mother's reinvestment in the international academic activities of our movement.

This is a signal of the serious importance of academic training and research for our school as well. In addition to active research to support the settlement of Cheon Il Guk, we are implementing a new three-concentration curriculum that will enable our graduates to serve both in church settings and in NGOs or providential business endeavors.

Field-related training
Effective leadership requires many kinds of preparation. Our UP cadets in particular are being raised to be field leaders through multi-dimensional practical training, including physical fitness, lecturing skill, enrichment programs, and service experience. Having had the opportunity to observe our UP cadet graduates in action in strategic assignments, I can testify to the value and importance of the rigorous field-related training that is a hallmark of the UP cadet program.

Our mission as a providential graduate university is to uphold and develop the teaching of our True Parents, and to light the way for religious communities and the wider world to advance toward the fulfillment of Cheon Il Guk, the inclusive nation of heavenly oneness. Together with our Vice President, our faculty, all our staff, our students and graduates, I invite you to visit us, to study with us as a UP cadet, regular masters or doctoral student, to become part of the SunHak UP Graduate University family.


Do HyunSup, PresidentSunHak UP Graduate University

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