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신학박사 종합시험 일정안내(Schedule of exam for Ph. D course)

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신학박사 종합시험일정

Comprehensive Exam for Ph. D Course

(2016. 4. 11)

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1. 종합시험 일정

. 일시:

1과목 2016512() 13:00~17:30

2과목 2016513() 13:00~17:30

3과목 2016519() 13:00~17:30

4과목 2016520() 13:00~17:30

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. 장소: 본관 1층 멀티미디어 룸 (Multimedia room, 1st floor)

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. 시험작성방법: 컴퓨터 사용, 인터넷 사용 불가, 자료참조 불가

(Students use a computer to make exam papers,

Students cannot bring any documents. No internet.)

. 시험 작성분량: A4 10page 이상/10point, 160행간

(Fill up the A4 paper, 10 pages per subject. Font size is 10 point. Line spacing is 1.6.)

. 시험 5분전 입실 완료 (필기도구만 지참)

(You have to enter the room 5 minutes beforehand. Only writing utensils can be brought into the room.)

. 시험문제에 대한 질문은 미리 교수에게 직접 문의바람.

(If you want to ask about exam question, you need to contact to the professors BEFORE the exam day.

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청심신학대학원대학교 교무처

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