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2020-1 Semester, UPA Cadet Program_Shim-Jeong uniting Workshop

Date : 20-03-20 19:59   /   Hit : 879


The 2020 7-day Shimjeong workshop of the 8th Universal Peace Academy cadets at  Sunhak UP Graduate University.

On February 1st-7th of Cheon Il Guk calendar (February 24th - March 1st of the solar calendar), a 7-day shimjeong workshop was held to convey the vision and the purpose of True Parents establishment of the Sunhak UP Graduate University to the 8th class freshmen cadets.

The 7-day shimjeong workshop was hold under the slogan "Let's Become a Leader of the Cheon Il Guk, the Light of Hyojeong." A total of 30 cadets composed of 6 cadets of the 7th class, 18 cadets of the 8th class, and 6 language school students, have participated in the workshop.

They started every morning with the Hoon Dok Hae and the morning physical training. In the evening, they had the roll call to close the day.  The key schedule was the following, on the first day, opening ceremony with Vice President Kim Jae-Hyun, administrative guidance, and cadets self-introduction. On the second day, there was a special lecture of Sunhak Global Education Foundation's Chairman Young Chun Song; an education about life regulation; and a shimjeong sharing time. On the third day, in the morning, the president of Heavenly Korea FFWPU, Mr. Lee Gi-seong gave a special lecture. In the afternoon the special envoy of the 1st Class Onozawa Tadakuni, president of the UPA cadet alumnus club, also gave a special lecture. On the 4th day, the cadets offered conditions of devotions. The fifth day was marked by the special lecture of the Sunhak UP University President, Dr. Thomas Selover. On the sixth day, Cadets took a language test (English & Japanese) and had a senior-junior sharing time. Finally, the workshop ended on the seventh day with the closing ceremony.

 The 7-day shimjeong workshop was a precious time full of grace during which the 8th class cadets were able to inherit the heart of True Parents and to take the resolution to grow to become leaders of Cheon Il Guk in front of Heavenly Parent.










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