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03.06.2019, Wednesday Chapel, President Thomas Selover

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Resonance “공명(共鳴)”


토마스 샐로버 총장

President Thomas Selover

True Parents’ Words:

If you enter the realm of resonance of true love, you will be able to see heaven and earth clearly.

The Buddha said, “In heaven and earth, I alone am the honored one.”

He said so because when he entered the core of that realm of resonance, he found the entire world in his hands, God residing within him, and heavenly law connected to him. That is why he could say this.

CSG, 1313

What does it mean to “resonate?” Resonating can be related to the phenomena that occur in a tuning fork:

When you hit one side of a tuning fork, the other side resonates automatically with the same vibration. When they resonate, the frequency is the same. Likewise, when our original mind and original body reach maturity and blend with God’s heart of true love, and the environmental conditions are right to allow that, they move automatically and harmonize perfectly.

CSG, 294

Resonating means to have a sense of commonality, mutuality, and a shared sensibility. Humans can resonate with God. Resonating with God become the key to achieving the Three Great Blessing.

To achieve the first blessing: Be Happy with those who are happy, rejoice with those who rejoice, have no jealousy or envy, commiserate with those in pain, mourn with those who mourn, shed tears together, bear each other’s burdens

To achieve the second blessing: Resonate with the heart of a parent.

We should go to the spirit world only after experiencing the love of our mother and father, love as parents for our children, and our love as a child for our parents. Only then does resonance occur through 360 degrees.


To achieve the third blessing: Resonate with all things, including the flowers.

That is why people have the duty to preserve and love the natural world as God does. I am saying that you should develop your human nature to the point that you experience resonance even with a cluster of wild flowers, as if you were sharing a heartfelt conversation with them.

This is as it was originally meant to be. That is a shortcut to restoring humanity to God.


This ability to resonate is what can bring joy to us and to True Parents. Resonating is the key to feel God through his words. We can also resonate to True Mother by listening to the tone of her voice carefully. If you enter the realm of resonance of true love, you will be able to see heaven and earth clearly.


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