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"New spring for Vision 2020 Victory, Resolutions for New Start"



Vice President Kim Jae-hyun



Seven years of Chunil-guk, the perfect spring spirit is the beautiful days that surround the campus. The theme of today's service is "New Spring for Victory, New Start Resolution."

Taking the words of our mother, who was given to the leaders of the world by the Chun Doo-hwan Association during the General Assembly of the Republic of Korea, we will make a commitment and resolve to turn the victory over the heavens. Your mother won the victory with the feeling of finding a needle in a sandstorm in the desert right after the torch. What was the unification song like in the eyes of the world? What did your mother look like when people saw her? Do you remember last year's gun ceremony? My relatives called. I was so miserable when I asked carefully and answered.


What would your mother have been like in all those internal and external difficulties? Your mother said that not only is there an entire 60 years of Tongilga's history, but also that we are going to work out the parts that need to be sewed, healed, and sorted out. I'm sure of the spirit of the self-righteous mother and filial piety, the definition of an existential return to the country in more than seven countries, and the victory of the new-born Messiah. We need the determination and determination to show us that conviction.

In the new semester, we will proceed with our studies and life in our respective positions and positions. In the meantime, I have to think of providence. What is the providence of heaven? Why did you send your parents into the midst of this land?


My mother, who used to be in Kona King Garden in Hawaii, wakes up at 4 a.m. and 5 a.m. every day and walks along the trail, mountain path and sea route. His aides turn on two or three lights and walk along the street. Sometimes, the road goes over a rough and bumpy road, but his mother asked him. I said, "Mother, it would be convenient if you walked in the morning with the sun up." And she said very briefly. You said, "This is providence."


That's right. It's your mother's heart that walks in the early hours of the morning when everyone else is asleep, thinks, prays, and cares. My mother also asked me what kind of place Kona King Garden is like. It is said that this place was where my parents gave me a memorial service before I met Kim Il Sung in 1991. My mother said that she always thought of your father's resolve in King Garden, leaving a legacy just before his death.

Today, we will be the vanguard of heavenly providence, with our fathers and mothers on earth. Let's prepare a fresh start and sincerity for the heavenly parents and true parents who have given us new life and blessings in the spring of the new season. Even if we can't do much, let's try to pinpoint the direction we have to go with small growth and practice every day.

Let's make all the people here shine in the spirit of filial piety toward heaven.








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