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Life within the Word

Vice President Hyun-Seob Do

The title of today’s sermon is “Life within the Word.” First, we shall read True Parents words.

To relate these words to our sermon, True Parents spoke about “following the Word unconditionally.” It is not just enough to read and follow the Word unconditionally. True Parents have revealed that we can read God’s Word, not just to understand it contextually, but also to realize and live by the Word as it unfolds in their own lives. This is the truth that True Parents devoted their entire lives to find and establish. The starting point may be True Parents, but just as we have been educated, the owner of God’s Word can and should not only be True Parents’ but should be us as well.

In view of this, it should not just be about studying to memorize the Word but also about putting God’s word into practice in order to make these words a part of our lives. To this end, we must seriously consider how to establish a united tradition centered on the Word not just at the individual level but at the community level. True Parents emphasized that the Word should not be separated from us, but that we should be able to develop and mature ourselves centered God’s Word. In order to do so, we must establish a tradition centered on Word of absolute standards. It means that we must also meet the standards by which True Parents found and established the Word. In other words, we must realize that True Parents are the words they proclaimed through the l throughout their lives. In other words, we must realize that True Parents through the lives they lived based on their deep experience, have come to become the words that they have proclaimed.

In the fall, which is a great season for us to keep the words of True Parents in our hearts and to look inside ourselves in deep sleep, this is a great season for all of you to come and live in the Word. I hope that you will be able to complete a practical personality centered on the Word. Thank you.












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