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On September 29th 9th of Cheon Il Guk calendar (2020.11.03) We had a worship service on Wednesday at our school. Due to the influence of Corona, it became an online process, and the attendees attended through ZOOM and had a meaningful time. The moderator and representative prayer were cadets, the praise was  오하나 (Ohana), and the word was Director Park Soohong .

 Director Park Soohong gave a precious word under the title of “삶의 시점을 되물어”.

"Jesus did not live his own life. He lived God's life instead with his body. The same goes for True Parents. There body is the body of the true parents, but life is the life of the Heavenly Parents.

 We also need to think about what is the point in time leading our lives. In the idea of unification, humans are described as beings with God's divine nature, that is, beings resembling God. It is explained that humans are the object of God, and that the primary meaning of humans in the object is to please the heavenly parents.

 In the world, they teach  each and every one of themselves as the protagonist. " However, the protagonist of human life is not themselves, Heavenly Parent is. You need to pray and report to Heavenly Parent and put efforts to know exact way to see your life."

It was a gracious Wednesday service in which all the professors, officials, and students gave their deepest gratitude to Heavenly Parents and True Parents with one heart.

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