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On October 20th 9th of Cheon Il Guk calendar (2020.11.24) We had a worship service on Wednesday at our school. This week's also worship service on Wednesday, it will be off-line, and many participants participated and had a meaningful time. The moderator and representative prayer were cadets, the praise was  오하나 (Ohana), and the word was professor Moon Lan Young.

Professor Moon Lan Young gave a precious word under the title of “여성신학 관점으로 보는 하늘부모님성회, 섭리와 신통일한국”.

“Many women appear in the Bible. Representatively, there were important female figures in biblical history such as Esther, Deborah, Hannah, and Magdalah Miria. However, until now, gender discrimination has forced many people to look at women with contempt. 

In the Bible, it can be seen that he created men and women in the form of God. Men also have feminine elements, and women also have masculine parts. These must be well harmonized. 

I received a lot of love from his True father. Whenever we met, he asked, "Did you eat?" The love was not a masculine love, but a feminine love like a mother who always cares and cares about it. Humans must have this love.

신통일한국 will never be achieved without this love. By becoming a loving church and a loving country, a 신통일한국 can be achieved.”

It was a gracious Wednesday service in which all the professors, officials, and students gave their deepest gratitude to Heavenly Parents and True Parents with one heart.

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